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Why are you surprised?

A two hundred pound Jack flying a bus through the sky A tiny woman  driving a mammoth truck. A simple frown destroying the day A gentle kiss to launch an emotional storm or to start a fierce war. A simple set of thoughts able to describe relativity A single invisible neutron to destroy Nagasaki. One little spark on a stick to blow up a mountain A single discouraging word to destroy an entire career. Used to be said All good things are free in life But then came taxes on water On air and open sky. Good things are still free You just have to dig deeper Those things invisible Reside within you to share. There is no charge for a loving smile A generous hug Or unplanned casual touch Invisible, free and delightful. Meek shall inherit the earth Not a person who can't speak Or will not speak But those who may not speak. They are tirelessly working  To make it better To fix all wrongs But remain invisible.

A Perception of Reality

A perception of reality This moment is real but no different than any other moment including the one when this sentient being appeared in a body at a similar moment. In this moment as in any other moment there is a multidimensional  presence. This presence is perceived by itself in a conscious way by sentient beings and unconsciously by others. This difference in perception which has nothing to do with the presence creates a duality we call the world. The bodies of sentient beings are endowed with certain senses (hence the word sentient) capable of detecting several but not all dimensions of this presence, such as touch, taste, smell, hearing and thought. These five senses do not have a physical attribute. They just sense and report each moment like this moment. The body has an extra sensor called vision. At the moment when vision is activated , physical attributes appear and are superimposed on the sensory reports. This creates the physical universe we perceive every moment. At

The Search

The search for truth is over when in spite of years of looking you can't find anything and you finally give up. There are many names for this event, all false. But can you stop looking even if the most respected or loved person told you so? Nope, this has to be realized.

Nothing is Really Here

Close your eyes and see Get it? Yes, then you can actually see  the truth  that nothing is really here.  Even the eyes are not here  nor the darkness called nothing.  These words aren't here Not the reader, nor the writer. One telling the truth isn't here Truth isn't here Lies aren't here. The universe isn't here Here is not here There is not here Nothing. Go back  to the first photon. Past the stars Past the galaxies Beyond the universe. Look back What do you see? Nothing? That's all there is. Worse still The looker isn't there. That's why I say The dead end up here.

STYTS: Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

You've heard the advice: Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously!  Enjoy life, eat, drink and be merry.  But if you can't find happiness,  ask who can't find happiness, if the one who can't find happiness was absent, would there be unhappiness? Hundreds of spiritual masters, priests, pundits and new age gurus are misleading seekers by simply renaming self with consciousness, awareness, observer and yes, Jesus and God. It kept tripping me up for decades. finally gave me a simple option. Why not start with the simplest option? Look and see what you can tangibly find. If you can't find anything, may be there is nothing to find. No self, no observer, no awareness, no God just as there is no Santa, no unicorn no superman. It was too simple but everythime I checked I found it to be true.  Now, I can't promise that like me you wouldn't hold a secret desire and admiration for an all pervasive nothingness which some may call God

Someone Never Suffers

Look inside, outside, around and in imagination. Look everywhere and  find moments when all is serene within you, around you before you and after you. Try meditating, sleeping, exercising, loving or even holding your breath. Shiva taught this technique eons ago. Idea he had which is evergreen is that once you have tasted this moment often when there is no suffering, you will realize that all suffering is transient. Since something that can disappear for a moment, can disappear forever. If you know the magician's card trick, can he really pull that ace out of the pack again and wow you? There is someone that never suffers. Why can't that be you and forever?


Not much is real, at least that can be reported by the feeble instrument called body and mind. Reality is a word which by definition means, that which is not fake or unreal .  As soon as you move, even a thought, the illusion begins. So the only way to even barely sense reality is to be very still, not move. And then you get a glimpse of the peace and joy that can be felt, even though it is second hand.  Prior to memories being recorded right after birth, the only memory you inherited was at a cellular level from million or even billion years of evolution;  some call it incarnation. There are layers of reality that goes on the base of non existence. Nonexistence must be a precursor to existence. Deduction leads us to reality being complete and absolute nothingness. We could stop right there, since it is an oxymoron to look for nothing. But mind deduces things based on previous arguments, historical events and current sensations. And the mind having tasted the bliss  when thing

How can you be sure you have seen through the illusion of self?

I, me or self is nothing but a thought construct, an illusion or a story made up by the mind spurred by the society and family from an early age. As I have argued in another blog below that it is indeed a hard task to see through this illusion even though it is clearly a requirement for awakening by almost all masters, scriptures; modern or ancient. And there are techniques galore. Every one has new twist on it. Our own method at liberation unleashed is a focus on direct experience. Hindus will have you chant Sanskrit slokas and conduct elaborate rituals, Buddhists meditate for weeks on end. Christians require follow the one and only Jesus and Muslims ask to surrender to Allah. Every one, bar none wants you to drop this ego or the I, me or self. I recently revisited some of papaji's videos and loved his prescription; just be quiet. So I did for almost a week. I am cheating a bit by watching the video and writing this blog. But in another clip he says you have to use a th

Can you ever be happy?

To what end do you toil? Ask anyone and the answer is most likely to be "I want to be happy ". Even the saints and good Samaritans do what they do to be happy. Meditators meditate, new age people read tarot cards, do reiki, take deeksha, go to satsang, and do yoga; all intended to make them happy. Is that true for you too? Here is my problem. Unless you know what you are and unless you can define happiness, can "you" really be "happy" ?  Oh yes, you could get that exciting feeling in your spine or that blissful state with tears of love running down your cheeks. Is that it? You are looking for some euphoria  like in an orgasm? So it is a body thing, is it? Try this, go to a scary movie. Curious you will get a similar wave of excitement in your body as you would in a feel good movie. The body doesn't know where you get it the chemical fix, as long as you get it. Or, may be you are a mind person, looking for cerebral happiness like the one

Mindfulness Misunderstood

Once during a Buddhism meditation practice, we did this raisin eating exercise. If you haven't done    the experiment, it is simply taking a very long time to touch, feel, taste and finally eat a raisin in five may be even ten minutes. Some may call it mindfulness but I think this works well only if you make your other senses come to life and engaged. It works well if you cajole your mind into stopping its normal function of thinking and get our other organs which are normally hijacked by the mind, to do what they do best. Feel! So to me, mindfulness really means paying attention; eyefulness, nosefulness, tastiness, touchyfeelyness and simply loveliness. The confusion arises due to the common understanding of mindlessness, when one goes about living like a mindless zombie. So naturally we assume that being mindful is the opposite of that. It is the process of thinking that confuses the issue. Being mindless means living without paying attention not necessarily without thought.

"I,Me, Self" was born out of love

Not I, the body, I the mind or I the soul but I the label was also born in love.  This body at the age of nine months and before survived due to just one reason, love. Had it not been the love from my parents, "I" would just be a lost entity. They offered "Me" the identity as an I with a name, a home, a country, a religion and a whole bunch of attributes. Nothing other than love could have such an immense impact on the psyche of the body and mind to imbue an unshakable belief that "I" actually exists. To undo this, to realize that there is no I, me or self, unfortunately I has to discount the most sacred thing in its life and being and that is the love of the creator, the creator of this I. Truth is born out of disloyalty to the love that created you. What a bummer! Love takes on this grandiose conceptual status but it starts with the body and touch which nature has designed for you to feel immediate bliss. It is the most powerful drug for all life

Why Me?

Biological and mechanical sensors have limited range. So while body and mind can quickly notice an aching back, I can't sense the supernovae light years away. This gets more complicated as mind and thoughts interpret the pain as belonging to it because of the proximity. Thus the chain of identification begins eventually leading to this clumsy world of fear and joy. Mind does have the ability to parse through the signals and opt to limit itself to this puny self or extend its reaches to totality. Takes constant vigil known as meditation. All there is, is an integral of all changes in the limits of 0 and infinity. Me is just a very tiny part of the resulting unity and loves the comfort and limits of its existence. That's why.


Every thing you know or can know is or is based on memory. Everything! So, can you trust your memory to tell you the truth? A seeker said in passing that the reason we do not recall much of our first three years of life is because our memory is not fully developed. Think of a really bad experience from the past. Death of a parent or a loved one for instance. That was a body of flesh and bones that was labelled by your mind as a dad or a spouse. When he or she left for a few days, your mind labelled it brief absence. But now it is labeling it a permanent absence. All labels! In reality everything you felt in his or her presence or you feel now is based on memories. Your sadness is based on a memory of not having the interaction then or now. Your fear of losing a job not having money or a catastrophe in the future is based on a memory of similar event or memory of something you read, saw or imagined. How many times have things not been what you anticipated them to be? If you were

Left Handed Blessing

This phrase is ascribed to Buddha. Without some suffering, pain or calamity mind is unlikely to even entertain the notion that its construct called I, me or self is just an illusionary thought, idea, notion or concept. It would be hard for a seemingly rich in wealth, health and love body mind to even think that  it is not in control, the doer or a person. Thereby the unit sets it up for an eventual disenchantment and persistent ignorance. Mind is designed to solve problems not be critical of its seemingly happy state. Rejoice in suffering for it is your ticket to freedom, it is a left handed blessing.


To convince body and mind that the God concept is nothing but an idea is hard. Scientists have shown that even a small but striking event changes the neurological make up of your brain and I postulate that such a memory somehow gets encoded in your genetic make up. If we can carry simple skills like breathing and love for millions of years, it is quite likely that faith in a superpower is hard wired. Simple things like alcoholism, experts say, you never get over, it can only be controlled by a constant vigil. Faith in a God and equating it to some thing we actually know or may find someday can only be denied through constant vigil. Once awakened, you are on a path from which there is no turning back. Many here in our LU group still contemplate that there is some mysterious force behind all of this but that the I, me or self as we know it or can know it, is just false. There is no evidence of such an entity. There is a direct experience of mysterious forces of nature which some in t


There is an inherent paradox in the question, "Who Am I". As with most things spiritual, the one who asked you to look at this question may have had something very different in his noble mind than what you or I are led to understand not because of our poor intellect but because of the logical mind we possess. Unwittingly this question implies that there is an I we should be searching. It turns out this is VERY WRONG. Do yourself a favour and take a look at where hundreds of volunteers are available 24/7 to guide you in asking the right questions. I did and came up with the answer that first you must establish whether there is an I before you look for it. I know, it is obvious that you are there, right? WRONG! Check it out.

Thought as a Direct Experience : A Discussion

Think of a cup. The thought is perceived in sensation. The image of a cup is not; it is only a picture of a cup in your mind. But the thought is a real thought. Think of a real cup in your kitchen. The cup in the kitchen is real; the cup in the thought, the picture, is not. The thought of this cup Points to a real cup in the kitchen, but the cup in the mind is not real. The Thought is Real; it's Content is not. For me, there is no difference between the thought and it's contents. They appear as the same item.  But they are NOT. There is thought, and there is its content. The contents of your thoughts are all different. You have many many thoughts, which you perceive; they are all about something different.  Not the same item at all! Can we go back to the picture analogy. The picture of a cup is not the cup, similarly thought of a castle is not the castle... is that what you mean? the picture is real but the cup isn’t. The cup is the content of the pic

Nothing but labels

Does maharaja, my cat, feel sad when he can't get out in snow? Yes but does he label it sad and then spin stories about it until he can no longer function and need Prozac? No. Neither right nor wrong, human brain comes up with labels to function in creation. In fact right down to the strings that apparently constitute it all, everything is a label. Even the so called god particle or Higgs boson critter is also a label attached to something we just don't know what it is. When we don't know what it is that stirs our heart strings and pulls us towards something we call it love. Of course the opposite of that has to exist as hate. The only unlabeled item, concept or idea is nothing. This one leaves us empty, silent and at peace. Life in reality is all about nothing. Embrace it and all attachment falls into a useless pile of junk.

Bliss, the search for a spiritual orgasm.

I am very tired of me looking for that blissful state many arrived gurus and pretenders talk about. Kundalini masters wax and wane on the drug less highs. I am tired because I want it too, just like the only thing I ever wanted as a teenager was sex. Then I started questioning how do these experienced masters describe this wow feeling. First of all I do not have any reference of this bliss by Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Nisargdatta or Ramana. Unless you want to reinterpret their words and see what isn't there. I am not being disrespectful to those who report of wild orgy like states, I call the feeling, spiritual  orgasm. But I have only two choices at this point either keep pining for this like a prepubescent boy or try to explain why some get it others do not. Do you recall any of your childhood ecstasies? Like the first time your bike and you actually stayed up, or the first time your hand brushed against a girl, any body part, or some exotic food you had for the first time; m

Just Because

Just because there is no me This body is not so bad The mind still thinks, works and feeds The heart still loves, hates and cries. Just because there is no me Love is not absent Your presence is not felt My cat is not an orphan. Just because there is no me Tears don't drop Emotions haven't dried up Fear doesn't add spice to living. Just because there is no me Life still goes on Hurt still goes on Beauty is still felt grand. I still love you I still hurt I still explode with anger I still lie helpless. Why, you ask? Just because.

Awareness is not a noun

I often hear Gurus talk of awareness as a noun. I am awareness, you are awareness, god is awareness, awareness is all there is and so on. I am a little dense and nonexistent. As far as I know there is no me, I cant't find it. So if I am awareness, then awareness is not either. So no god, no me, no you. What I need is my grade 9 English teacher. She would say, boy, awareness is not a noun. It is a quality. You can have awareness but can't be awareness. Now since I am not therefore something other than I or you has awareness. I and my existence is questionable but the existence of awareness is not. Close your eyes and you are aware of something. Touch something and you are aware. All sentient beings are aware. In fact if rocks had a mind they will report that they are aware, especially when the water torture that shapes its looks begins. Sodium ions in water are aware of chloride  how else would they find each other to make common salt. And salty air is aware of the car or h

Clara on the Universe

To summarise what Clara said, all that we consider as is, was or will be is just a potential universe in the mind of shiva. My interpretation, laws of physics determine the entire outcome of evolution from energy to whatever will come and back. In that one point infinity, there is evolution of mind which ends up understanding some of these things. . Laws of physics are our attempt to understand nature and the universe as we know it through experience such as thinking, imagining, feeling and touching and hearing. It could be un-quantum but the observer, i.e this body mind is limited and hence the universe, the only one we know is limited. The incomprehensible reality is just incomprehensible. It is not the reality we find by our senses. A quantum theory could be a reflection of this incomprehensible reality but that's all it can be otherwise it wont be incomprehensible. In fact all comprehensible reality includes all but the incomprehensible reality. Are all outcomes suppo

Meditation on Reality

I have heard this word and read about this reality for ages. I still don't understand it and probably never will since all my understanding is based on some knowledge acquired from other people, things, books and media. Nothing I am is original. I function by building concepts. So here is an experiment I did and encourage you to do as well to define your own concept of reality. This is inspired by Rupert Spira's works but I am a total fake anyway, everything I am is from someone else including my genes. There is a poem on this in the book, "the dead-end (up) here". Close your eyes and try to shut everything down. What is really there? Really there? I (an instrument I seem to know) find something that is named touch, something vague named smell, another sensation which is called sound. Even though the eyes are closed, there is a hue of something called light and completely invisible stuff going on called thoughts and imagination. Important to notice that this is all


SUNIL: I have been reading some of Nagarjuna's work on emptiness. I am trying to answer the question, why is compassion a critical part of Buddhism and not in the Upanishads? Or am I wrong? I would love your thoughts on this. CLARA: I think Vedanta is philosophical and the Upanishads go straight to self-realization. I believe the tradition held that the aspirants ethics was already taken care before they approached the teachings. Buddhism, on the other hand, looks more like a graded method that includes the development of ethics. The Puranas are full of stories of the deities love affairs, or not? What about Rama and Sita? Is that not love? The Upanishads are the final teaching. The former stages are implicit. Many thanks and love,  SUNIL:  Knowing the puranas is one thing and really understanding is another. Same is true of Buddha'a emptiness and his insistence on compassion and wisdom. As for the love affairs in the Puranas like Ram and Sita and Krishna and Radha had a lo

Respect and Gratitude to Rev Clara Llum

A very dear friend and teacher Clara Llum ( recently passed away. I had the great fortune to communicate with her often including just a few months ago when she was going under the knife. the only regret she had was that there was still a lot more work to be done. For me she will never be gone. Her words and insistence that I really didn't need to fret much, all will be done.  I am going to post here some of my conversations with her as my gratitude. Dear Clara: I am so glad you liked the card. You are the divine so when you thank your Self for life, are you thankful that you have the opportunity to live and love?  Are you thankful that by some miracle you have created all of this and now enjoy them?  Are you in awe of the totality that is you and also me and the birds and the tigers?  Is it this miracle that humbles you into gratitude?  Are you thankful for the perception of duality as well or is that a misunderstanding one can do without?