Not much is real, at least that can be reported by the feeble instrument called body and mind.

Reality is a word which by definition means, that which is not fake or unreal

As soon as you move, even a thought, the illusion begins. So the only way to even barely sense reality is to be very still, not move. And then you get a glimpse of the peace and joy that can be felt, even though it is second hand. 

Prior to memories being recorded right after birth, the only memory you inherited was at a cellular level from million or even billion years of evolution;  some call it incarnation. There are layers of reality that goes on the base of non existence. Nonexistence must be a precursor to existence. Deduction leads us to reality being complete and absolute nothingness.

We could stop right there, since it is an oxymoron to look for nothing. But mind deduces things based on previous arguments, historical events and current sensations. And the mind having tasted the bliss  when things, feelings and thoughts are eliminated or reduced, projects that reality must be nothingness, stillness, quiet and void.

Is there any point in doing this line of intellectual meditation? Absolutely, every other nonsense you think about leads to suffering. This one actually makes you happy. If you can be happy.


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