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Mindfully Getting sloshed on New Years Eve

I love new age stuff, all of it. Except when it comes to conflict within. Should you have a good time or be so serious and do nothing but yoga an mediation on New Year's Eve? I see getting a little crazy and let it all hang out on this special day part of life, a good life. I don't see any reason why you should deny your illusory self the illusory fun just because you want something more? How do you reconcile this? The answer is mindfulness. You don't just mindfully do the esoteric so called good stuff. Mindfulness is an act worthy of all living even if it means getting crazy at New Years.

Absence makes the heart peaceful

Words lead you astray. Unfortunately you have to use words to understand words or so it seems. More words make words even more confusing. Many teachers point you to presence awareness, the power of now, nothing but now. What they are pointing to is not a presence of something but absence of everything.  Peace and stillness or nirvana is  a state of absence not presence. What gurus point to is the presence of absence. What they point to is an absence of teaching, teachers, gurus and of course suffering.

Complete Understanding

Even  incomplete physics by Newton has allowed humanity to reach Mars and beyond. Even a dissatisfied Einstein's theory of special and general relativity has exploded into mind altering technologies and information beyond imagination of our ancestors. Imagine humanity when even better and perhaps complete understanding of physics arrives. Even an incomplete understanding of yoga and meditation has led millions of people to end or at least  limit suffering in their lives. Numerous credible studies support better health, better psyche and better life for the practitioners. Imagine you when even better and perhaps complete understanding arrives. Why does incomplete understanding still produce results?  Because it is just incomplete not wrong. It is still an understanding.