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Whether we meditate, worship or intellectualise truth can not change. But this truth can not be known by the body and mind. Is that however true? Nisargdatta was fond of saying truth is not complicated, life is. Pursuit of happiness is by far the most fundamental desire of life. It uses chemicals to give the body temporary boosts. Is it then possible to have this chemical available to the body  24/7 without having to go for these short term fixes? If you carefully scrutinize these chemical process as well, it is not the pot, booze or sex that releases the Happy chemical. It is a brain process which is a mild result of these small events that does. In fact the chemical is released when there is no longer a longing. It is the void of wanting nothing that is permanand or perfect bliss.  Many old ones say that this void can be touched by the body and mind. One way is meditation. Why follow? Unfortunately the only way the body mind learns anything is by copying. That's how