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Gratitude Journal 2: Senses

1.  I am grateful to the five senses which allow the body to hear tranquil sounds, to construct beautiful images from simple play of light, to translate simple friction of touch into tantalizing sensations, to turn dead chemicals into exquisite taste and turn simple gases into heavenly scents. 2. I am also grateful to these senses to quickly report upcoming distraction as pain and suffering. Without these warnings, the body would have perished long ago. It is the pain and suffering that endures life. 3. I am grateful to the brain of this body without which none of the senses could work, poetry would never get written and music would simply be noise. Above all this would be a thought less world. Joy would not be joy, tears would never arrive either of joy or of sorrow. 

Gratuity journal 1: Wisdom

1. I am most grateful to a score of teachers who have made it possible for me to know that everything I sense or think about is untrue. 2. I am grateful to the inherited biological system that has made possible to see this delusion. 3. I am grateful for the complexity of this universe which is the source of much joy and other pointers   which makes this dream ever interesting.

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? Why do we do what we do? What is the program, today, this week, this year, rest of your life or even this second? Is there a theme? Every cell, every living being is programmed to seek happiness, joy, bliss and love. Even the most difficult pain and suffering is for love . But it is in search of this love, the essential purpose of all life, something happens. From birth, we seek and relish love and joy, often through a complicated chemical process designed in the body and it's brain. Craving for more, the brain embarks on storing these experiences through its detectors or our senses as memory. That memory becomes thinking. We lose the child like process of instantaneous joy and start using logical faculty of the brain to recreate, repeat and seek love in ever more complex methods. This diluted love never equals in purity and intensity to the first love. Until we embark on the direct path to love. That direct path is through eliminati

To Be or Not: Happy, Joyful and Blissed out?

Joy, any joy or bliss you feel is when your body touches truth and love. Albeit briefly, meditation can make that happen without an addictive prop. It's up to you to make it your whole life. Practice Monday night at 8 pm. At Be Yoga Wellness, Burlington. Much controversy exists whether fireworks, feeling of joy, bliss, kriyas are useful or something to be ignored during meditation. I am of the view that I will take good clean joy any day and then try to deal with an addiction with such feelings. Surely it can't be worse than kicking a smoking or drinking habit. Besides I am in a human joy-seeking instrument called the body which likes to be bribed to pursue anything. Touching that spot where joy permeates during meditation is not that difficult. It is easier than running a marathon or becoming a tennis pro or getting drunk. Just sit in meditation regularly for a few weeks.