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What's in a prayer?

Whether in a church, a temple or in your quiet corner, you do pray. Either to a god, a power or just wishing for something or something to happen. Have you thought about what you are praying for? An object like a car, a house, a wealth or a mate? Or a concept like peace and love? There is something in common to all prayers and that is to make you happy. Imagine you got the object you are hoping for but it didn't make you happy. Was that what you wanted? May your prayers be answered and you be happy. May be your prayers are answered and you find that there is no you. That will be the ultimate gift since without a you, there can be no desire.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A common stumbling block in self inquiry is the concept of free will and control. Our world gives a strong sense that we make decisions based on free will and control our destiny. This is in spite of glaring evidence to the contrary. If one were in control of life, will and decisions, would there be any poor people, any suffering, any war, murders, accidents, failures etc. So why does this illusion manifest within our thoughts that we can and must control our lives. It is a subtle impression left in the mind when we speak of will and control. Having a will is not free will. There must be a will for any action to proceed. The will results from many factors that have placed you in this moment. Having control doesn't mean needing a controller. Decisions must be made to go left or right. There is just no individual making this decision out of free will. This tooh is the result of many factors that have brought the moment before the apparent decision maker. Take an example. After