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Why are you surprised?

A two hundred pound Jack flying a bus through the sky A tiny woman  driving a mammoth truck. A simple frown destroying the day A gentle kiss to launch an emotional storm or to start a fierce war. A simple set of thoughts able to describe relativity A single invisible neutron to destroy Nagasaki. One little spark on a stick to blow up a mountain A single discouraging word to destroy an entire career. Used to be said All good things are free in life But then came taxes on water On air and open sky. Good things are still free You just have to dig deeper Those things invisible Reside within you to share. There is no charge for a loving smile A generous hug Or unplanned casual touch Invisible, free and delightful. Meek shall inherit the earth Not a person who can't speak Or will not speak But those who may not speak. They are tirelessly working  To make it better To fix all wrongs But remain invisible.