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 Avatars are quite often misunderstood as a return of same you in another form , a reincarnation of some sort. Vedas do not see it that way. All of our bodies and minds are avatars of the one and the same self. I the self want to see this incredible creation in 7.5 billion ways and more, each with exquisite details and beauty. Had I the body and mental make up of Rapha, I would be a tennis star or had I the misfortune of having the body and mind of a peasant on the village farms of Patsa, I would be experiencing life and it’s hardships. It is not a matter of choice, it has to be that way, because I want to experience love in as many ways as possible. Even in one avatar I spend my entire life experimenting ways to experience this love. Perhaps you now can see the custom of thousands of gods worshipped by modern Hindus. Each prayer is my prayer to transform my body mind to that of another avatar. I want to experience this creation as a Kali or Gandhi depending upon what body I am wearing