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Grattitude Journal 3 : Shakti and Sex

Although this is called gratitude journal 3, it feels like the final one as I am utterly, forever, absolutely and uncoditionally grateful to shakti. In fact all I know is shakti, all I could ever know will be shakti. All there is is shakti. I better explain. Shakti is a sanskrit word which simply means energy. Now, everyone knows energy. Right? Really? What is energy? And don't give me the textbook definition, I have spent decades learning that and even after decades of not thinking about the mathematics of energy transfer, I could have a dialogue with you. Yet the dialogue will be inconclusive for I can't really explain to you what energy is? My profs or texts couldn't. As a confession I have not read any of latest works by Hawking, which I will. And so there is the reason this is only the gratitude jounral 3. A fourth may come. Any discussion on the origin of energy takes one quickly to big bang. As Jay knows, we can always blame it on big bang. Try it ernestly and