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A Perception of Reality

A perception of reality This moment is real but no different than any other moment including the one when this sentient being appeared in a body at a similar moment. In this moment as in any other moment there is a multidimensional  presence. This presence is perceived by itself in a conscious way by sentient beings and unconsciously by others. This difference in perception which has nothing to do with the presence creates a duality we call the world. The bodies of sentient beings are endowed with certain senses (hence the word sentient) capable of detecting several but not all dimensions of this presence, such as touch, taste, smell, hearing and thought. These five senses do not have a physical attribute. They just sense and report each moment like this moment. The body has an extra sensor called vision. At the moment when vision is activated , physical attributes appear and are superimposed on the sensory reports. This creates the physical universe we perceive every moment. At