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One Minute Bhagwat Gita

I am all there is... Krishna is I Arjuna I believe falsely to be me. Kurukhshetra is the world I have imagined Mahabharata is the war I engage in all the time Happening now Demons I have slaid in my mind Virtues I have to protect in my mind. The grand vision of godhead is the infinite nature of my field of consciousness. Arjun must surrender to know me.

I want everything

A sufi master, Dr. Syed Hussein Nasr during the 2013 festival of faiths in Louisville said why is it that horses do not overeat nor do most animals, but we do? Even after your belly is full, the craving for the next tasty morsel persists. Even after you can barely see, you want another drink. It doesn't take long before your heart is after another lover.  His answer was that something propels us to want everything, the point he made was that within us  is a desire for the infinite. Where does this desire for the infinite come from? Surely it can't be the organs like a mouth, a stomach or even our sexual body- none of these have a will. They serve a bigger master. Is it the brain or its representative, the mind? When we look we find no mind, no brain, just thoughts coming and going like wisps of clouds; sometimes arbitrary and other times evolved out of a stimulus. For a moment just imagine an engine behind all desires in the world including yours. This engine has no name