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Why Meditate

Is exercise or quitting smoking good?  This is not just a new wave of wellness paradigm but a change that is sweeping the world. Remember this, very few people wake up without an alarm. That alarm clock is ringing all over the world. You can only put it on snooze for so long. Or you can wake up. A regular meditation practice is the first step in responding to the alarm and waking up. And waking up is not some complicated step, it is letting your true self shine through. I am sure you have come across people who have this ease about them and peace that resonates through. You are witnessing the truth. For some, it comes naturally, for the rest of us we have to do something. That something is not to acquire. You can't get it in a store or read in a book. It is a process of losing a whole lot of stuff. If you carefully look at yourself , you see millions of stories in everything we say or in the ways we act, even in the ways we sit or relax. This all happens because your body mind has

I Child

 It is I child It is I child that suffers Not the lump of flesh n bones Not the hunk of a frame Not the calm presence. It is I child that pines To crawl back home To mother's lap To love and peace. It is I child that's abused By loud world LuringI to fun and frolic, sex and wine Power and fame Wealth and prosperity Words and songs, Oh happiness. It is I child that mimics Images I sees Suave and expert The cool gang. It is I child that cries Feeling inadequate Despondent and morose I must end this pain. It is I child that wants Desperately to run home  But there is no one there Vines of time pervade. Nothing but memories Only the sensations of womb, warm, comfort, love Yet more fantasies. It is I child that dies With each step forward With each breath of stale air With each drink of putrid wine. Save this I child  Before you save the world Build an empire Or find happiness.