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To Be or Not: Loving And Kind?

Loving kindness is not a charitable act or a meditation prescribed by the Buddha as a way to rid the world of evil and suffering. IT IS A SELFISH ACT. You or I can not be anything but selfish. You and I are not capable of charity. Self can not be selfless. To recommend a self to be unselfish and charitable to all sentient beings is ridiculous, an oxymoron. It is impossible. Every cell in my body, every thought, every act is aimed at the self. Buddha, the wisdom personified could not make such a mistake asking you to do a selfless act. His words have not been properly understood. LOVING KINDNESS IS NOT A PRAYER BUT AN ERNEST DESIRE. By practicing loving kindness, you are not trying to end suffering of others, of all sentient beings even though you may say so in your meditation. YOU ARE TRYING TO END YOUR SUFFERING. A self can not cease suffering unless it feels only love and kindness to ALL beings and perhaps beyond. To feel anything but love and kindness towards all means r

Wake up or stay asleep and dream on?

How do you wake up from sleep? A dream, a jolt, a nightmare? Nice dream with beautiful family, lots of wealth, amazing holidays? What do you do, you roll over and try to recapture the dream. Who wants to wake up? Painful nightmare on the other hand is reason enough to startle out of your reverie. Wake up and realise it was all just a dream. Be so very thankful for the pain and suffering, the nightmares in your life. One of them will finally break your tundra and make you see the truth. May you be blessed to see that what you face as pain and suffering is nothing but recollection of stored sensations in your brain coming back to haunt you. But it is simply a very bad dream. There is another way a dream ends. That is when your sleep is over, it is the morning after. Don't wait, for that usually comes at the end of your life.

What is this moment?

How can we know anything if we don't know what this moment is? Isn't it simply a story based on sensations caused by movements? Aren't these sensations also labels attached to an unknown process going on? Isn't what we call knowing, past or memory just labels on other sensations recorded at other moments? Isn't the passage of time another sensation with a label of time? Isn't future a label attached to a certain sensation called expectations?