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Meditation on Reality

I have heard this word and read about this reality for ages. I still don't understand it and probably never will since all my understanding is based on some knowledge acquired from other people, things, books and media. Nothing I am is original. I function by building concepts. So here is an experiment I did and encourage you to do as well to define your own concept of reality. This is inspired by Rupert Spira's works but I am a total fake anyway, everything I am is from someone else including my genes. There is a poem on this in the book, "the dead-end (up) here". Close your eyes and try to shut everything down. What is really there? Really there? I (an instrument I seem to know) find something that is named touch, something vague named smell, another sensation which is called sound. Even though the eyes are closed, there is a hue of something called light and completely invisible stuff going on called thoughts and imagination. Important to notice that this is all


SUNIL: I have been reading some of Nagarjuna's work on emptiness. I am trying to answer the question, why is compassion a critical part of Buddhism and not in the Upanishads? Or am I wrong? I would love your thoughts on this. CLARA: I think Vedanta is philosophical and the Upanishads go straight to self-realization. I believe the tradition held that the aspirants ethics was already taken care before they approached the teachings. Buddhism, on the other hand, looks more like a graded method that includes the development of ethics. The Puranas are full of stories of the deities love affairs, or not? What about Rama and Sita? Is that not love? The Upanishads are the final teaching. The former stages are implicit. Many thanks and love,  SUNIL:  Knowing the puranas is one thing and really understanding is another. Same is true of Buddha'a emptiness and his insistence on compassion and wisdom. As for the love affairs in the Puranas like Ram and Sita and Krishna and Radha had a lo

Respect and Gratitude to Rev Clara Llum

A very dear friend and teacher Clara Llum ( recently passed away. I had the great fortune to communicate with her often including just a few months ago when she was going under the knife. the only regret she had was that there was still a lot more work to be done. For me she will never be gone. Her words and insistence that I really didn't need to fret much, all will be done.  I am going to post here some of my conversations with her as my gratitude. Dear Clara: I am so glad you liked the card. You are the divine so when you thank your Self for life, are you thankful that you have the opportunity to live and love?  Are you thankful that by some miracle you have created all of this and now enjoy them?  Are you in awe of the totality that is you and also me and the birds and the tigers?  Is it this miracle that humbles you into gratitude?  Are you thankful for the perception of duality as well or is that a misunderstanding one can do without?