Respect and Gratitude to Rev Clara Llum

A very dear friend and teacher Clara Llum ( recently passed away. I had the great fortune to communicate with her often including just a few months ago when she was going under the knife. the only regret she had was that there was still a lot more work to be done. For me she will never be gone. Her words and insistence that I really didn't need to fret much, all will be done. 

I am going to post here some of my conversations with her as my gratitude.

Dear Clara:

I am so glad you liked the card.

You are the divine so when you thank your Self for life, are you thankful that you have the opportunity to live and love? 
Are you thankful that by some miracle you have created all of this and now enjoy them? 
Are you in awe of the totality that is you and also me and the birds and the tigers?
 Is it this miracle that humbles you into gratitude? 
Are you thankful for the perception of duality as well or is that a misunderstanding one can do without?

 It is still a miracle, the duality I mean.

Have I it right or am I just imagining your state of being falsely?

I certainly am grateful that you are here and I can talk to you.



Dear Sunil:

All of the above. Gratitude to the Divine, even if I am That, the relative, illusory individual relates to the whole through understanding, and realizes it as the very nature-essence of their being and consciousness. Manifestation is the play and display of the divine absolute. So all is It, all is That. Gratitude is devotion, bhakti. When is accompanied by understanding, realization, then is parabhakti.

Much Love!

Sunil: The questions posed by the impostor mind now, is why? Why bother wake up? Why not live with the pleasure and pain, greed and fear of this dream and eventually kick the bucket to do it over again, if one believes in reincarnation. I can see why it is the ultimate pain that may drive one to seek the truth, it is very hard to motivate oneself to give up the mirage while things are going okay. I can see why so many of us in the west give out charities to make us feel less guilty and find temporary relief. How can I find that true inspiration which allows me to follow the Buddha's path, reject the material pleasure for seeking truth? Indeed he was a great one. I fear of a calamity which is the only way for me to see that the world I see is so trivial compared the world that is.
Dear Sunil

Forgive please the delay. 

I have no answer. There's no why. I see it all as organic: it's the whole who/what runs it all. At some point it's seen what matters and what not, but this does not imply the world is rejected or renounced literally, or in practical life, only the dependence on it it's weakened or diminished. Divine consciousness takes over. Do not fear anything, all is taken care: you are taken care. Enjoy the world until the Divine claims your heart. It has already happened anyway.




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