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Recommended Resolutions for 2012

1. Resolve to remember who you are, as often as you can. Use a reminder. 2. Meditate when you have nothing interesting to do. 3. Question why something is so interesting that you can not meditate. 4. Keep the body fit. You don't know how long you need this body for.

Kundalini Dance and Meditation

Shiva laid it out few thousand years ago and Gurdief made it a very successful technique to generate that "aha" moment the mind wants but is denied for being just a cloud in the sky. Sufi twirling is also an adaptation of this sutra from Bhairwva's 112. Recently it has surfaced as kundalini dance. Osho made it a part of his daily practice at the ashram. We will do it here at Flowga and cap it with Oneness blessing. Come on down, who knows this may be your day. Things are happening at Flowga as energy builds.


I know Emeril is old news but the phrase lives on. We are now entering the realm of the yoga that combines, hatha stretching, pranayam breathing, concentration energy meditation and good old fashioned cardio. It is called kundalini yoga. We will be doing this every Sunday before our meditation. We are going to town with this one. It's the only way I know of getting the workout equivalent to a hot yoga session in a cold room.


Shiva laid down the basic techniques of meditation (tantra) in 108 to 112 sutras (depends upon whose numbers you believe but who cares) thousands of years ago. A few of them can be found in nearly every meditation practice. He said that the third eye meditation (as interpreted by Osho) is the most miraculous one as small bits of your dreams during meditation start manifesting in observable reality. What??? We did the meditation under the slokas of Sankara and found peace. I am waiting for some miracle soon. You too are welcome to be with us.