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To Be or Not: Loving And Kind?

Loving kindness is not a charitable act or a meditation prescribed by the Buddha as a way to rid the world of evil and suffering. IT IS A SELFISH ACT. You or I can not be anything but selfish. You and I are not capable of charity. Self can not be selfless. To recommend a self to be unselfish and charitable to all sentient beings is ridiculous, an oxymoron. It is impossible. Every cell in my body, every thought, every act is aimed at the self. Buddha, the wisdom personified could not make such a mistake asking you to do a selfless act. His words have not been properly understood. LOVING KINDNESS IS NOT A PRAYER BUT AN ERNEST DESIRE. By practicing loving kindness, you are not trying to end suffering of others, of all sentient beings even though you may say so in your meditation. YOU ARE TRYING TO END YOUR SUFFERING. A self can not cease suffering unless it feels only love and kindness to ALL beings and perhaps beyond. To feel anything but love and kindness towards all means r

Wake up or stay asleep and dream on?

How do you wake up from sleep? A dream, a jolt, a nightmare? Nice dream with beautiful family, lots of wealth, amazing holidays? What do you do, you roll over and try to recapture the dream. Who wants to wake up? Painful nightmare on the other hand is reason enough to startle out of your reverie. Wake up and realise it was all just a dream. Be so very thankful for the pain and suffering, the nightmares in your life. One of them will finally break your tundra and make you see the truth. May you be blessed to see that what you face as pain and suffering is nothing but recollection of stored sensations in your brain coming back to haunt you. But it is simply a very bad dream. There is another way a dream ends. That is when your sleep is over, it is the morning after. Don't wait, for that usually comes at the end of your life.

What is this moment?

How can we know anything if we don't know what this moment is? Isn't it simply a story based on sensations caused by movements? Aren't these sensations also labels attached to an unknown process going on? Isn't what we call knowing, past or memory just labels on other sensations recorded at other moments? Isn't the passage of time another sensation with a label of time? Isn't future a label attached to a certain sensation called expectations?

Grattitude Journal 3 : Shakti and Sex

Although this is called gratitude journal 3, it feels like the final one as I am utterly, forever, absolutely and uncoditionally grateful to shakti. In fact all I know is shakti, all I could ever know will be shakti. All there is is shakti. I better explain. Shakti is a sanskrit word which simply means energy. Now, everyone knows energy. Right? Really? What is energy? And don't give me the textbook definition, I have spent decades learning that and even after decades of not thinking about the mathematics of energy transfer, I could have a dialogue with you. Yet the dialogue will be inconclusive for I can't really explain to you what energy is? My profs or texts couldn't. As a confession I have not read any of latest works by Hawking, which I will. And so there is the reason this is only the gratitude jounral 3. A fourth may come. Any discussion on the origin of energy takes one quickly to big bang. As Jay knows, we can always blame it on big bang. Try it ernestly and

Gratitude Journal 2: Senses

1.  I am grateful to the five senses which allow the body to hear tranquil sounds, to construct beautiful images from simple play of light, to translate simple friction of touch into tantalizing sensations, to turn dead chemicals into exquisite taste and turn simple gases into heavenly scents. 2. I am also grateful to these senses to quickly report upcoming distraction as pain and suffering. Without these warnings, the body would have perished long ago. It is the pain and suffering that endures life. 3. I am grateful to the brain of this body without which none of the senses could work, poetry would never get written and music would simply be noise. Above all this would be a thought less world. Joy would not be joy, tears would never arrive either of joy or of sorrow. 

Gratuity journal 1: Wisdom

1. I am most grateful to a score of teachers who have made it possible for me to know that everything I sense or think about is untrue. 2. I am grateful to the inherited biological system that has made possible to see this delusion. 3. I am grateful for the complexity of this universe which is the source of much joy and other pointers   which makes this dream ever interesting.

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? Why do we do what we do? What is the program, today, this week, this year, rest of your life or even this second? Is there a theme? Every cell, every living being is programmed to seek happiness, joy, bliss and love. Even the most difficult pain and suffering is for love . But it is in search of this love, the essential purpose of all life, something happens. From birth, we seek and relish love and joy, often through a complicated chemical process designed in the body and it's brain. Craving for more, the brain embarks on storing these experiences through its detectors or our senses as memory. That memory becomes thinking. We lose the child like process of instantaneous joy and start using logical faculty of the brain to recreate, repeat and seek love in ever more complex methods. This diluted love never equals in purity and intensity to the first love. Until we embark on the direct path to love. That direct path is through eliminati

To Be or Not: Happy, Joyful and Blissed out?

Joy, any joy or bliss you feel is when your body touches truth and love. Albeit briefly, meditation can make that happen without an addictive prop. It's up to you to make it your whole life. Practice Monday night at 8 pm. At Be Yoga Wellness, Burlington. Much controversy exists whether fireworks, feeling of joy, bliss, kriyas are useful or something to be ignored during meditation. I am of the view that I will take good clean joy any day and then try to deal with an addiction with such feelings. Surely it can't be worse than kicking a smoking or drinking habit. Besides I am in a human joy-seeking instrument called the body which likes to be bribed to pursue anything. Touching that spot where joy permeates during meditation is not that difficult. It is easier than running a marathon or becoming a tennis pro or getting drunk. Just sit in meditation regularly for a few weeks.

Confession of ignorance

Late Mr. Richard Rose a West Virginia mystic and founder of TAT where I had my first wow moment that liberation was possible in this life time  for everyone, said you can't know the truth, you can only become truth. Like everything on this path, it has taken me nine years to understand this and even then I am not sure because as he said, I can't really understand the truth. What he went on to say is that to try to know truth is a fruitless exercise. It is however possible to know what is not true. And that is just about everything including the idea of you. All your senses lie to you. Even the sixth sense, if there is one is telling you a lie. Your thoughts are untrue, your memory is untrue, all you see, taste, touch and feel are untrue. All these lies create this illusion which you take to be you, another big fat lie. What is left after all these eliminations ends up being the truth, which you may refer to as you albeit erroneously. Shankaracharya said something similar

Do you need it?

Nisargdatta said that the most critical requirement to liberation is earnest desire. Buddha talked about noble suffering and Jesus said the rich has more difficulty than a camel to pass through a needle. And of course the dictum that when a student is ready the teacher shows up. Look in your own life. You are where you are because in all honesty that is what you wanted and needed. I am not talking of what nature has provided you as a body and other resources. I am talking of what you wanted to do with what you have. You are rich if that's what you needed to be, you are poor because you didn't want to do what was needed to be wealthy. You are loved because you wanted love and you are alone because you need to be alone. Not much different in spirituality. You must need to be enlightened before you can be liberated.


If you have not, make a resolution to attend a ten day silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana Center in Ontario. I wanted to note down my insights from this tapasya. IMERMANENCE (ANICHA) MAKES EQUANIMITY (UPEKSHA) POSSIBLE WHICH IS ULTIMATELY ONENESSS AND TRUE LIBERATION. No other technique I know of that makes it experiencally possible to achieve this. Here is what actually happens. All events are first reported as a sensation to the body which you can feel and see as impermanent and their ability to make you happy or miserable. Reacting to these sensations appear automatic and create further deepening of misery through habits or Samskara. You can reverse this wheel of misery through meditation taught by Buddha as Vipassana or clear seeing.


Whether we meditate, worship or intellectualise truth can not change. But this truth can not be known by the body and mind. Is that however true? Nisargdatta was fond of saying truth is not complicated, life is. Pursuit of happiness is by far the most fundamental desire of life. It uses chemicals to give the body temporary boosts. Is it then possible to have this chemical available to the body  24/7 without having to go for these short term fixes? If you carefully scrutinize these chemical process as well, it is not the pot, booze or sex that releases the Happy chemical. It is a brain process which is a mild result of these small events that does. In fact the chemical is released when there is no longer a longing. It is the void of wanting nothing that is permanand or perfect bliss.  Many old ones say that this void can be touched by the body and mind. One way is meditation. Why follow? Unfortunately the only way the body mind learns anything is by copying. That's how


It is to know, live and be the miracle of experience. See Spira's u tube clips. And Feelings.

A New Year Resolution to Keep

Meditation Work Shop Beginning 19  January 2014 Sundays at 6pm Be Yoga Be, Burlington Attend this  six  week meditation workshop to experience first hand some of the most exotic and energetic meditation with some one who has been practicing  it for fifty years. Meditation practices are common to most societies, cultures and religions and each has its own strength. It is important that you  follow  a modality that resonates with your body, your background, you r emotional state and where your fitness level  today. The only way to know what is right for you is to experience  many with someone who has been on a similar quest  and feel the effect in your heart and soul. Week One and Two ;  Falun Dofa: This is a secret Chinese method of harnessing Qi energy through standing and sit down meditation lasting about an hour  ending with  serene relaxation. Background  Chinese  flute makes this especially  resonant  for all. Week Two  and  Three ;