Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? Why do we do what we do? What is the program, today, this week, this year, rest of your life or even this second? Is there a theme?

Every cell, every living being is programmed to seek happiness, joy, bliss and love. Even the most difficult pain and suffering is for love.

But it is in search of this love, the essential purpose of all life, something happens. From birth, we seek and relish love and joy, often through a complicated chemical process designed in the body and it's brain. Craving for more, the brain embarks on storing these experiences through its detectors or our senses as memory. That memory becomes thinking. We lose the child like process of instantaneous joy and start using logical faculty of the brain to recreate, repeat and seek love in ever more complex methods. This diluted love never equals in purity and intensity to the first love.

Until we embark on the direct path to love. That direct path is through elimination of these complex and temporary love connections and return to silence, the placeless place where there is nothing but love.


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