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Mooji's Words

I had the great fortune to attend a satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh. Watch his u tube clips. Many ideas for your mind if you seek the truth earnestly. I love Mooji's thank you, thank you, thank you practice. Really if your mind is singing thank you all the time, can negative thoughts enter? There is a lot to be thankful for, breathing, living, even the mind. Who am I thanking? My self of course as there is no one else. His meditation practice of simply ignoring thoughts, not fighting, not engaging not stimulating just ignoring. Find out what remains after an hour or more of ignoring what comes up.

What Are You; A Body, A Mind or An Unknown?

A common self inquiry technique is to contemplate the question, who am I? Ideally we should ask, is there an I since the mind gets a biased view if you ask who am I. It implies there must be an I if I am searching for one. But before we go there, you must cross the biggest hurdle of all and that is upto now, you have a strong belief that you are the body. You feed it, groom it, use it to own stuff you call yours and love it as the dearest object in the universe. Very hard to let go of this notion. Here is a thought experiment that helped me. Imagine a macabre situation where you are in a serious accident and the doctor has to amputate nearly all your limbs and you become blind as well. You wake up and have no idea of what happened. Your brain still functions and as far as you know all your limbs are intact albeit as ghost limbs. Your doctor gives you the bad news that you no longer have a body. You feel totally you in your mind but have no body. The entire concept of you as a body t