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Buddham Sharanam Gachami

BODHGAYA: THE OASIS OF PEACE              Sitting in the middle of nowhere This unlikely town of peace Where a young monk abandoning all Found the truth meant for One. Sure there are enormous temples Giant statues and numerous trinkets Cute children dressed as monks Colorful garbs are but a distraction Not unlike any other pilgrimage There are thousands prostrating Praying and chanting Names and slokas of the One But peace is everywhere For the intent is clear No one here has a different purpose We all want but just One. Find a corner of peace They are everywhere There is the Japanese temple Where sharing quiet moments Of meditation, contemplation comes easy. With no one but two sparrows who call it home A  silent retreat like no other. The humble monk recognizes you as One Then he chants with force and vigor Vibrating with the banging drum in rhythm You almost understand Japanese. Of course there is the central place Where all pilgrims go to find One That’s why many have come T