Confession of ignorance

Late Mr. Richard Rose a West Virginia mystic and founder of TAT where I had my first wow moment that liberation was possible in this life time  for everyone, said you can't know the truth, you can only become truth. Like everything on this path, it has taken me nine years to understand this and even then I am not sure because as he said, I can't really understand the truth.

What he went on to say is that to try to know truth is a fruitless exercise. It is however possible to know what is not true. And that is just about everything including the idea of you.

All your senses lie to you. Even the sixth sense, if there is one is telling you a lie. Your thoughts are untrue, your memory is untrue, all you see, taste, touch and feel are untrue. All these lies create this illusion which you take to be you, another big fat lie. What is left after all these eliminations ends up being the truth, which you may refer to as you albeit erroneously.

Shankaracharya said something similar in his incredible poem called ashtakam.

But I simply want to confess of my ignorance expressed through so many words here. I apologise for leading you on.


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