Meditation on Reality

I have heard this word and read about this reality for ages. I still don't understand it and probably never will since all my understanding is based on some knowledge acquired from other people, things, books and media. Nothing I am is original. I function by building concepts. So here is an experiment I did and encourage you to do as well to define your own concept of reality. This is inspired by Rupert Spira's works but I am a total fake anyway, everything I am is from someone else including my genes. There is a poem on this in the book, "the dead-end (up) here".

Close your eyes and try to shut everything down. What is really there? Really there? I (an instrument I seem to know) find something that is named touch, something vague named smell, another sensation which is called sound. Even though the eyes are closed, there is a hue of something called light and completely invisible stuff going on called thoughts and imagination. Important to notice that this is all not far into space which you know as body parts and stereo or TV since that is the next part of my experiment. For now, all of this is happening here, right there. That is all you know as reality. If you can stay here and go nowhere, congratulations you have found all you ever will, seek no more, hang up your skates, throw in the towel. You are done! This is reality.

But I know you as I know me. That active invisible thing called thoughts and imaginations has other plans. It will take these nothings you just found and will throw in some magic to build an universe of everything you know. It will start by first building something called you and do it so many millions of times that you will have no choice but to be convinced. Now open your eyes and you will see the wonder that has been created for your ultimate pleasure by this awesome holograph. Enjoy but know that it is all make belief. Some call it projection. It has taken me eight years to understand what they meant  As I said, I am a little dense. But you don't be, try to get it, this is not reality.

For this I feel grateful to the magic but especially Richard Rose who talked about projection, to Nisargdatta who said you are a little light pen which keeps drawing the universe ( mind said what?), and most importantly to Liberation Unleashed and its wonderful generous guides and founders.


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