STYTS: Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously

You've heard the advice: Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously! 
Enjoy life, eat, drink and be merry. 

But if you can't find happiness,  ask who can't find happiness, if the one who can't find happiness was absent, would there be unhappiness?

Hundreds of spiritual masters, priests, pundits and new age gurus are misleading seekers by simply renaming self with consciousness, awareness, observer and yes, Jesus and God. It kept tripping me up for decades. finally gave me a simple option. Why not start with the simplest option? Look and see what you can tangibly find. If you can't find anything, may be there is nothing to find. No self, no observer, no awareness, no God just as there is no Santa, no unicorn no superman. It was too simple but everythime I checked I found it to be true. 

Now, I can't promise that like me you wouldn't hold a secret desire and admiration for an all pervasive nothingness which some may call God but you will find as I have that starting from ground zero, literally believe in nothing, is a good place to hang your hat and carry on life. One beautiful outcome of this is that suffering becomes just like taking a crap, a momentary discomfort and sometimes a great relief.

Just to remind you of the techniques, close your eyes and do the touch expereiment and see that there are no finger tips, no skins, no hair and no self and no observer. All just labels mind loves, nay needs to attach to things to function. Once you see that there is no one, it will try to label it to awareness like some other guru is talking about. But that too is bullshit.


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