Every thing you know or can know is or is based on memory. Everything! So, can you trust your memory to tell you the truth?

A seeker said in passing that the reason we do not recall much of our first three years of life is because our memory is not fully developed. Think of a really bad experience from the past. Death of a parent or a loved one for instance. That was a body of flesh and bones that was labelled by your mind as a dad or a spouse. When he or she left for a few days, your mind labelled it brief absence. But now it is labeling it a permanent absence. All labels! In reality everything you felt in his or her presence or you feel now is based on memories. Your sadness is based on a memory of not having the interaction then or now.

Your fear of losing a job not having money or a catastrophe in the future is based on a memory of similar event or memory of something you read, saw or imagined. How many times have things not been what you anticipated them to be?

If you were able to recall all your life events even from early years, they would still be memories. All your suffering is based on memories haunting you. All your happiness is also based on  memories.

Reality beyond memories is not fathomable by a mind which is nothing but a collection of memories.


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