To convince body and mind that the God concept is nothing but an idea is hard. Scientists have shown that even a small but striking event changes the neurological make up of your brain and I postulate that such a memory somehow gets encoded in your genetic make up. If we can carry simple skills like breathing and love for millions of years, it is quite likely that faith in a superpower is hard wired. Simple things like alcoholism, experts say, you never get over, it can only be controlled by a constant vigil. Faith in a God and equating it to some thing we actually know or may find someday can only be denied through constant vigil.

Once awakened, you are on a path from which there is no turning back. Many here in our LU group still contemplate that there is some mysterious force behind all of this but that the I, me or self as we know it or can know it, is just false. There is no evidence of such an entity. There is a direct experience of mysterious forces of nature which some in the past have tried to co-opt it as self. That is a discussion for another day, month or eternity. But that's not you as anyone knows it. So, surrender your arms, self and come to the forum of life and join in this mysterious debate if you like.

"The real atheism is the philosophy which talks as if it carried the Absolute in its brief-case, and the piety which has altogether got over its surprise. To find Him quite believable is no longer to believe in Him. For a Whole easily understood and approved, incapable of shocking and overwhelming us, cleaned up or watered down to suit our drawing-room and prayer-meeting daintiness – such a Whole is not even a useful myth. When we are at our best are we not thankful that this glorious and terrible Reality is just what it is? The fact that it is mysterious beyond telling and altogether unlike our design for it – this is surely the very thing that makes it so adorable. In Hell we know and are known only too well, and are all expert theologians and psychologists; but in Heaven we never begin to recover from our astonishment at one another, and therefore boredom is unknown. Knowledge that is only knowledge is the very abyss of ignorance. (Douglas Harding. The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth.)


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