Awareness is not a noun

I often hear Gurus talk of awareness as a noun. I am awareness, you are awareness, god is awareness, awareness is all there is and so on. I am a little dense and nonexistent. As far as I know there is no me, I cant't find it. So if I am awareness, then awareness is not either. So no god, no me, no you.

What I need is my grade 9 English teacher. She would say, boy, awareness is not a noun. It is a quality. You can have awareness but can't be awareness. Now since I am not therefore something other than I or you has awareness. I and my existence is questionable but the existence of awareness is not. Close your eyes and you are aware of something. Touch something and you are aware.

All sentient beings are aware. In fact if rocks had a mind they will report that they are aware, especially when the water torture that shapes its looks begins. Sodium ions in water are aware of chloride  how else would they find each other to make common salt. And salty air is aware of the car or how else would make that rust bucket happen. May be, just may be awareness is what holds the planet together and the entire constellation circling each other in perpetuity.


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