Perhaps the most misunderstood meditation technique is also the oldest. Known as TANTRA or Tantric meditation, it literally means "technique". Because of its ubiquitous character, I couldn't fit it into my  classification of three types of mediation (see an earlier blog below); practical, analytic and energy. You can practice Tantra to do any of the three.

Shiva detailed these techniques to his young princess wife, Parvati who fell in love with this nearly naked fakir (forest dweller) and married Him (that story some other time).

Some say, you will never get the full gist of this unless you too are deeply in love. Let me hasten to add that it has nothing to do with Carnal science, to which many in California have attached Tantra. But love to the wise has little to do with that (that too for another time).

There are altogether 110 practices. We will do the first one this weekend. This one is also the most powerful, best know and easiest to follow. There is an incredible similarity between Tantra no.1 and Buddha's vipassana breathing.


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