Kundalini Fantacised

For thousands of years, yogis have talked of Kundalini energy coursing through your body. It has been adapted by nearly all esoteric groups with names like QI, Ki, Reiki. How does it work and why can't our instruments pick it up?

Here is my speculation. Our body is a conductor (if you don't believe me stick your finger in socket. Just kidding, Don't). The center of the body is a spine which is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of nerve wiring which carry electrical currents to do all kinds of bodily and mental functions like lifting your finger to giving a kiss. Now we know when we send current around a coil circling a conductor, it develops a strong field. If the central rod is iron, you get magnetism, if  the central rod is your spine, you get Kundalini.

Speculate further and you can see if your love life is in tatters, it may be blocking the currents through some of those central nerves and manifest itself in blockages at certain points called chakras.

I will find a good sounder of what charkras are, and  where and what they do to your persona later on. Stay tuned.


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