Surrender: A Poem to Usher in the New Age at 11:11 on 11-11-11

Surrender surrender surrender
Give up the fight
Lay down your arms
Kneel before me.

For I am your master
You are delusion, just an idea
A concept based on unreality
You are not. I am.

You can not hurt me
For you don't even know
Who I am
Where I live and what I can do

I know precisely who you are
Full of hot air
Promises you can not deliver
Prisoner of time ticking away.

Some one misguided you
Many led you astray and told you
You are the almighty dollar
The pleasure, greed and fear.

That you have a hold over me
That you are my god, my creator
My love and my passion
That if I pray you will be mine.

You had me fooled for sometime
Cross-legged deep breathing
Flat on the ground
I have been asking for a miracle.

What nonsense
You are not Buddha Christ
Shiva Or Krishna in avatar
I am all of them and more.

When I say
On namah shivaya
I am not calling the jade lingum
I call me to awaken.

I still love you
For you are my creation
And I promise to be gentle
As I kill you softly with kindness.

Let's not fight any more
The game is over
I too tire of this charade
Just lay down your wits
Give me a hug and surrender. 


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