Our mind has a tendency to separate, to organize and to classify. It makes gathering knowledge easier in bite sizes but it also delineates things, we start seeing differences where similarities or unity would be better. Spiritual or new age world is no exception. There are so many names for the one phenomenon of invisible energy felt by many in different ways. In fact it is all the same qi or kundalini force. There is, I suppose, this need to own the idea, mark territory or possess.

The link below is something I found to be a great starter to guide you about what chakras within your personal body may be working and which ones may need work. Again, there is a sales promo after the useful test but all you need to know is that the tools available are the same old, same old; yoga and Meditation.

I have personally found that daily sit down meditation of 20-30 minutes does wonders. For the first three chakras, physical yoga works best and the top three chakras respond best to pranayam.

And the heart, well there is only one exercise for the heart. You have to fall in love, madly and permanently.


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