Walking tip toe on the grounds
Covered in egg shells
Running wildly around the track
Like streaming bats out of hell.

Something is missing
But no one is missing
Somehow is missing
But no where is missing.

The spark of the first touch
Euphoria of the rush
Smell of the flowers
Breeze through the gentle bush.

So, touch and feel harder
Run around faster
Visit bigger gardens
Drive on to woods larger.

Still there is no action
Nerves have deadened
Nothing seems new
Heart has hardened.

First love was easily defined
For there was nothing to compare
Love you was easier spoken
For there was nothing to fear.

Was it love or flesh
Can’t tell the difference
What it felt like was good
Even if it was utter nonsense.

Is there such a love
The answer alas is no, no and no
What one seeks is not of this world
All here will one day go.

(c) Copyright Protected by Author, 2010


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