In a boat, in the middle of the sea
Without a compass, without a key.
Night is dark, clouds are thick
Afraid of something, don’t know which.

Many clues tell me life is fake,
Just hope not, for my sanity’s sake.
She said she loved me
Until he got a BMer and ‘twas a new game

To the babe I was a hero, true and strong
Until he found true love, alas not for long.
For dad, I could do no wrong
Until picked up a guitar and did some bhang.

I worked so hard, aced all the tests
Valedictorian,  top of the class.
Couldn’t find a job
To even cover my ass.

Towed the company party line
Had it tattoed on my behind.
Until one day my mentor was fired
New party line I could not find.

Looked in the mirror 
What was bitter sweet.
That I couldn’t recognize self
If found in the street.

What is this place,
Whose are the faces
I think I know, clueless I am not.

(c) Copyright Protected by Author, 2010


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