Shikari Ayega, Jal bithayega, Dana Dalega
Jaal men fusnan mutt.

(The trapper will come, lay down his net
will sprinkle some seeds.
O parrots, don't just sing these verses
But don't go near the net.)

Bhains ke age been bajaye
Bhains kare pagurai

(Play the sitar in front of the buffalo
she continues to chew the cud.)

Pothi padh padh padh jag mua
Pandit bhaiya na koi
Dhai akshar prem ka
padhe so pandit hoi. (Kabir)

(World studied the books well
but no one became a Pundit
One who really studied a
two and a half letter word "love"
did become the Pundit.)

Dukh men sumiran sub karei
Sukh men kare na koi
Jo sukh men sumiran karei
Dukh kahe ko hoi. (Kabir)

(When in trouble you recall God
In happy times no one does
One who recalls God in good times
Why would trouble fall on him?)


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