Don't Take That Step

Descended from heavens
among the stars and the sky
With all heavenly attributes of
Peace, beauty and perfection.

Suddenly there it comes
The need to compare, to exceed
Desire to excel and penchant  to win.

All that remains of my heritage
Is a faint wistful memory.
A sense that something is missing
That once was  mine.

The terrible loss leaves me cold
Anger  takes hold, frustration anchors in me
Punishes me for that step I took
out of heaven into hell.

This same step I take every day
Every moment and with every thought.
I have become so good at this
Deluded to the core.

Intent was to make it better
Make heaven more heavenly
But how do you improve

You do not.
You ruin it.

And I did
Creating in the process
The hell I inhabit.

It is not too late
Never too late.
It is just a few steps back
To leave hell behind.

To see the fear as toothless
Greed unable to please
All seeming pleasures
But a flash in time.

But for heaven's sake
Just don't take that step
Out of harmony and peace
That you always are.


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