You Have Already Won

Do you know how hard it is
to stand, run and do yoga on two feet?
to climb a mountain, to ride a bike
to do ballet and to simply stand?

Do you know how amazing it is
to know thousands of names
millions of images, billions of words
trillions of subtle feelings?

And even more, do you know
how incredibly complex it is
to recall any of the above
in an instant?

You can do all this,
I can do all this
we can all do all this.
Yet we want more.


It's a war we waged
on nature, on time
on creation
to conquer adversity.

the goal?
to do all of the above
impossible feats?

alas the winding is too tight
we are still fighting
just can't stop
this runaway train.

once in a while
One goes up to the mountain top
and screams out real loud
"You Have Already Won".

But we are still fighting.
sit still for a while
and listen to the message
the song, the love from the One.


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