My Buddha Nature

Who am I, what am I are the central queries of most spiritual practice. Instead of answering this question with words which is an impossible task as millions of words have failed over the millenia, the Buddha answered it by becoming it. All we can know is that our Buddha nature is as demonstrated by Gautama of Sakiya village on the foothills of Himalayas.

Following his life and his teachings will give you what need to know your true nature, many have and termed it the Buddha nature. Many claim to know or have experienced the answer to the question who am I and have gone on to teach others as well. But the language still fails us in describing this our reality of being. This should not come as surprise as there are many other things especially our internal feelings and emotions which are impossible to describe precisely. A simple headache or the experience of joy are indescribable. This is our first clue and last observation to stop this impossoble quest.


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