Chakra Meditation: Why and How?

Chakras are not just curious energy centres around the body but one way of liberation from the bondage of illusory existence. It is a progressive path from a constricted human existence to revelation of truth. The meanings of chakras are best expressed by the corresponding mantras.

Om Bhuh, mantra for the earthly life at mooladhara located in the anal region on the spine.

Om Bhuvah, mantra for the basic instinct of procreation, swadhistahana located in the genital areas of the spine. This mantra releases one from lust.

On swah, mantra for the self centered body instincts  located at the core region of the spine. Chanting this mantra releases one's selfish instincts.

Om mahah, mantra for the heart region of the spine opens up ones heart to all there is in love for all truth.

Om Janah, mantra for the throat and neck region of the spine opens the channels of communicating the truth internally and externally.

Om tapah, mantra for exploration of all there is in meditation, located at the third eye, using the mind and brain for its true purpose of liberation from the bondage of all chakras.

Om Stayam, mantra fro the crown is liberation when it is seen that the only truth is here and empty.

To meditate on the chakras, sitting is the preferred posture as lying down short circuits the energy flow into earth and makes the process much slower. Breath is allowed to infuse each chakra with the mantra ideally expressed verbally to resonate through the body and working through the base of the spine until Om Satyam at the crown.

Gayatri mantra is a melodious way of doing the same meditation as you cycle through each chakra as the mantra unflods in the follwing sequence.

Om Bhur (mooladhara) bhuvah (swadhisthana) swah (manipura or core) tat savitur varenyam (heart)
bhargo devasya( throat or vishudhi) dhimahi dhiyoyonah (third eye or agyan) prachodayat (bright crown) OM.

A simpler version is practicing this meditation by breathing into the chakras as we either chant the sounds or listen to a recording of the corresponding sounds of each chakra, Luung, Vaang, Rrrrrung, Yunnnng, Huuung, Ommmm, Satyam..


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