Will Humanity Ever Wake Up?

Isn't that the question for majority of us tired of wars personal suffering and future worries?  Buddha has been quoted as saying 2500 years ago that it was not he personally who got enlightenment but it was all sentient beings who now know the truth. In common parlance that's like seeing is freeing. How often do you question whether the moon is a sphere  not a disk or that earth goes around the sun not other way around?

Of course a general and common understanding of who we truly are is unlikely to be sudden and soon. Decades before and after Gallelio was hanged, many still believed that earth is at the centre of the cosmos. But just because you don't believe something doesn't mean it is not true. It is the very fact that all of us suffer, the search for relief will never end. And that points to the fact that our ultimate destiny is enlightenment. There is no alternative. The mind will continue looking for material solutions to suffering through more stuff, more consumption, more love and more improvement of the body until the true you shines through.

So, what do we do to make this happen? Here too there are no alternatives. The methods as prescribed by our ancestors have many names like spirituality, prayers, yoga, wellness, veganism, religion, qi gong, self help, behavior therapy and many more. The common thread that runs through all modalities is the process of meditation and self inquiry.

Join us in either a two month weekly (June 3 to July 24) or a four day (24 to 29 August) fifty hour intensive at Be Yoga to polish your mirror mind and let the true your shine through. 


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