My Long Trek

Happy birthday to me, you and you
For we were all born the same instant
Some fourteen billion years ago
In a sky entirely nonexistent.

Like you, I was but a tiny string
Of energy, oscillating, resonating.
Pushed by a colossal force
Of unimaginable strength
Forever outward bound into oblivion
Into a destiny unknown
With but just one instruction

Love I did, love I do
Finding kindred sizes and shapes.
I hugged you hard, squishing your bones
Until we turned into one.
One body, one soul.
Body I know, soul I do not.

Incarnated into rocks and energy
Water and gases filling the universe
Still following my only directive
Go, keep going, go with love.

Oops, I said
Accidentally spilling some carbon into water
Nitrogen into hydrogen and to amino acid.
Totally unintentional
Creating the building block
Of a true change to creation.

Sorry I said to whomever
Intended me to do nothing
Or do something else
Sorry, I gave life to life.

My present body still
Nothing but strings, albeit trillions
Squished into shapes many
Types diverse, colors exquisite
My art has no limits
Design ultimate.

I am one with you
The rock, the tree, bird and the sea
You the cement tower and the train.
We just look different
Pay no attention
Still are all strings of love.

You say rocks have no senses
Stars are dead gases unable to speak
Or is it that we can't understand
We don't care to understand.

Only difference I can find
Is that I can and do ask why?
Rivers and the trees do not.
May be they are right
I am wrong for asking
Why love?


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