Well, not really.

If you fully understand the nature of your life you know that everything including what you may consider to be you is ephemeral. It is possible that there is something more or less than what you know but since you do not know it now, it's unlikely you would ever know. It will all change and eventually perish.

In fact the conventional wisdom of your body being the only thing that perishes may be wrong. Instead, something of your body will remain but in a different form. Nearly all of it will simply change and reincarnate onto a flower, another life or simply dust. But you as a person or spirit whatever you wish to identify yourself as, will disappear. To that who is asking the pointed question there is really no point in the quest. Particularly if you have been paying attention during your journey and finding that perishable is the nature of things.

It is impossible to have something without nothing. So here we are living as a thing but nearly all the heavy lifting such as laughing, crying, loving and hating is done by some one called I which is simply thought made of nothing and destined to return to nothing when the thing called the body stops supporting the I concept. Awakening then is simply understanding this nonsense.

There are no do's or don'ts here for none of that will make a significant difference to the universe. You do however have the right to act, to seek and attain bliss and to share your findings with kindred things. You have the right to act never the right to expect or achieve results. Geeta says this in a famous sloka; Karmanyeva adhikaraste, ma faleshu kadachanah.

My recommendation is to find bliss for this I as there is no point in suffering for and by something that is destined to annihilation.  And if that comes from meditation, yoga and satsang as opposed to booze and acts of the flesh. Well then that's my right according to Geeta. I won't make a difference. I hate to challenge such greats but neither did Buddha on changing the nature of things.  He simply changed the quality of life for billions allowing them to awaken to bliss for the brief period this nothing called I exists. Just don't confuse his and other masters incredible contribution to an obligation for you to follow in their footsteps. You simply have the right to  be happy since you are part of the thing floating in the sea of nothing waiting to change, reincarnate yet again. You can't stop it but can enjoy this awesome show. Love it.


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