Byron Katie

She developed these four questions to help you frame your suffering and a process to follow;

Pick a stressful concept about someone (alive or dead) whom you haven't forgiven 100 percent.
(For example, “He doesn’t care about me” or “I did it wrong.”) Then question the concept in writing, using the following questions and turnarounds. When answering the questions, close your eyes, be still, and go deeply as you contemplate. Inquiry stops working the moment you stop answering the questions.

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3.  How do you react, what  happens, when you believe that thought?

a) What emotions happen when you believe that thought? (Depression, anxiety, etc. If needed, an Emotions and Reactions List is available on
b) Does that thought bring peace or stress into your life?
c) What images do you see, past and future, when you believe that thought?
d) What addictions/obsessions begin to manifest when you believe that thought? (Alcohol, credit cards, food, the TV remote?)
e) Describe the physical sensations that happen when you believe that thought.
f) How do you treat that person and others when you believe that thought?
g) How do you treat yourself when you believe that thought.

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Close your eyes, and observe, contemplate. Who or what are you without that thought?

Finally you do a turnaround of the thought and then ask

5. Is the turnaround true or truer?

Lots of details here...


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