There is nothing wrong
Nothing can go wrong
For something to go wrong
The universe has to be wrong.

Geeta, Krishna, Buddha and Jeesus
Mohammed, Sai, Rumi
Nisargdatta, Ramana and Shankara
All have to be wrong.

You have to be wrong
I have to be wrong
But in my heart
I know I am not wrong.

Who said it
Or who says it now
Who wrote the Upnishads
Does it really matter how?

Was Mahabharat real, Ram sent Ravan packing
Hanuman burnt Lanka down
Or Jeesus who turned water into wine
Whatever they did could not be wrong.

If I were to thank all
Who taught this truth ultimate
I will have to include you
Him, her, it and all the rest.

But thank you indeed, Clara
For you are
Who makes all difference
Coalesce into just one.


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