Nonduality or advaita can be quite confusing.

How can there be just the one when I can clearly see there is this body and mind and there is the world full of things and other minds and bodies?

How can I know there is just the one if I am not the one?

My proposition is that there indeed appears duality but both of these, I and the world are made up stories. Some call the world an illusion or Maya, but accepting I as an illusion requires work.

Watch a newborn. You can see the curiosity in its eyes. This is not God looking out of the eyes but the body and mind receiving sensations from the world which it tries to understand. With help from parents, friends and objects, the baby starts to identify the world as colour, shapes, sounds, taste and touch. As its abilities mature it also starts to see its own body and  the mind as another object, part of the other or the world.

In the depth of stillness like deep sleep or Samadhi, something still remains. Mind can't get this but concludes, there is duality, the perceived world and I.

Confusion comes from a misunderstanding that I am looking at the world. In reality I am looking at both I and the world. Either by stroke of luck or much contemplative meditation the mind realises that only the looker is reality, looked is an impermanent display of thoughts.


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