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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recommended Resolutions for 2012

1. Resolve to remember who you are, as often as you can. Use a reminder.
2. Meditate when you have nothing interesting to do.
3. Question why something is so interesting that you can not meditate.
4. Keep the body fit. You don't know how long you need this body for.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kundalini Dance and Meditation

Shiva laid it out few thousand years ago and Gurdief made it a very successful technique to generate that "aha" moment the mind wants but is denied for being just a cloud in the sky.

Sufi twirling is also an adaptation of this sutra from Bhairwva's 112.

Recently it has surfaced as kundalini dance. Osho made it a part of his daily practice at the ashram.

We will do it here at Flowga and cap it with Oneness blessing.

Come on down, who knows this may be your day.

Things are happening at Flowga as energy builds.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I know Emeril is old news but the phrase lives on.

We are now entering the realm of the yoga that combines, hatha stretching, pranayam breathing, concentration energy meditation and good old fashioned cardio. It is called kundalini yoga. We will be doing this every Sunday before our meditation. We are going to town with this one. It's the only way I know of getting the workout equivalent to a hot yoga session in a cold room.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Shiva laid down the basic techniques of meditation (tantra) in 108 to 112 sutras (depends upon whose numbers you believe but who cares) thousands of years ago. A few of them can be found in nearly every meditation practice. He said that the third eye meditation (as interpreted by Osho) is the most miraculous one as small bits of your dreams during meditation start manifesting in observable reality. What???

We did the meditation under the slokas of Sankara and found peace. I am waiting for some miracle soon.

You too are welcome to be with us.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Perhaps the most misunderstood meditation technique is also the oldest. Known as TANTRA or Tantric meditation, it literally means "technique". Because of its ubiquitous character, I couldn't fit it into my  classification of three types of mediation (see an earlier blog below); practical, analytic and energy. You can practice Tantra to do any of the three.

Shiva detailed these techniques to his young princess wife, Parvati who fell in love with this nearly naked fakir (forest dweller) and married Him (that story some other time).

Some say, you will never get the full gist of this unless you too are deeply in love. Let me hasten to add that it has nothing to do with Carnal science, to which many in California have attached Tantra. But love to the wise has little to do with that (that too for another time).

There are altogether 110 practices. We will do the first one this weekend. This one is also the most powerful, best know and easiest to follow. There is an incredible similarity between Tantra no.1 and Buddha's vipassana breathing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This week we are doing mantra meditation using yantras. Much to learn about these topics but let me share a few things we talked about on Saturday.

Mantras are very useful if you are finding it hard to let go of the trivial and develop peace within. We could just sit there which does work for some but mantras make it easier. Just chant a word (meaningless word is better as mantra since there are no emotions attached to them) and you will see it is hard to sustain a mental conversation.

Yantras are cosmic props, found by our ancients to be particularly effective in harnessing the mind through the eyes. Just like some music is better than others. To learn or practice more, you have to come and join us at Flowga or in the cyber world.


Our mind has a tendency to separate, to organize and to classify. It makes gathering knowledge easier in bite sizes but it also delineates things, we start seeing differences where similarities or unity would be better. Spiritual or new age world is no exception. There are so many names for the one phenomenon of invisible energy felt by many in different ways. In fact it is all the same qi or kundalini force. There is, I suppose, this need to own the idea, mark territory or possess.

The link below is something I found to be a great starter to guide you about what chakras within your personal body may be working and which ones may need work. Again, there is a sales promo after the useful test but all you need to know is that the tools available are the same old, same old; yoga and Meditation.

I have personally found that daily sit down meditation of 20-30 minutes does wonders. For the first three chakras, physical yoga works best and the top three chakras respond best to pranayam.

And the heart, well there is only one exercise for the heart. You have to fall in love, madly and permanently.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


You can pretend not to know but truth is all around you. I picked up this paragraph from a simple online ad for food sensitivity. Can I say it any better?

"Each of us is a spirit experiencing a human life. You can take your emotions out and look at them, you can take your thoughts out and look at them, you can experience many physical feelings or sensations, but you cannot take your spirit out and look at it."

Thank you to the author Mary Kurus.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who, What, Why, Where and When am I?

All wrong questions! Well, perhaps not wrong questions but not that difficult to answer literally, particularly if you are defined by what you know. The paradox is there is no other way to answer the question but be based on what you know. None the less it is a fascinating question. Meditate on it.


I did and came up with this. I, as I know it was actually born of external input. Initially in my mom's comfortable womb, I was serene in deep sleep and in fact was really nonexistent. Not aware, therefor no I. There was this lump of matter evolved over billions of years into a sophisticated set of instruments or five incredible senses to detect and decipher the material world plus don't know how many other senses with how much potentialities yet to come. The matter around me, some with intelligence and some just inorganics reflecting coloured lights and natural sounds started to be detected by this lump of matter growing rapidly into an ultimate machine nature has developed. The lump (or baby me) also had endowed a brain to protect itself from hostile matter all around it to serve the only program it came with; survival of the species. Fast forward a few decades and what you have is I with all of the W5 explained. Any questions?

I know, you will ask but what about this intelligence you have, this feeling you possess. I am afraid all of that is part of the natural evolution. If there is something unexplained, just give it time, it will be explained to you or your descendants. You are not a mystery!

After you have accepted this (or surrendered your curiosity of who you are) things start to unravel. You, because of this unbelievable natural evolution also posess the ability to sense what it is that your sensory body encapsulates. What is this entire creation? You will realise that you are still in deep sleep, the place you started in mummy's tummy. The external stimuli detected by your fancy senses created a world out of these signals and put a person at the centre of it.  In your deep slumber you adopted this person as you.

Don't believe me. Ask Shiva the creator and destroyer. He uttered it in 101 phrases back few thousand years ago. I could ask you to wake up but you really can't without destroying this creation you have built, just as Shiva when he wakes.


Often I think and feel that I am an alien in a body with human desires, aspirations, abhors and history, all dictated by other humans. I can really relate to some of those UFO stories where the guy feels he was taken aboard a ship and examined. Unfortunately I have not had any such experience, I just feel that this is all made up of sand and imaginary stuff.

Let me try to explain further. I could accept what many suggest that I am a product of my environment, my parents, my friends and lovers. In a way that would be true but I really have molded this package which you see before you based on some pretty personal set of wants which may or,may not have been independent.  For instance I don't know why I loved sweets more than savory when I was young. Many do but my parents didn't and neither do my siblings. When I look around the food habit of many of friends and family could not entirely be explained by the environment. Somebody in here decided that he liked sweets pretty early on and gave me sweet tooth. May be biologists will come up with some explanation about my particular gene being randomly different making me like sweets. But there are thousands of  things that I have decided to do over  my ife which can hardly all be explained by biology. There is some one inside me making these decisions and shaping my persona.

I am told I was born and remember subsequent seeing, hearing, touching and smelling things, feelings in general. But I do not have a precise memory of the sight or smell or voices, I basically make them up from bits and pieces. True, some things like smell are more precise. But what is very hard and concrete is that when I go back to those memories, I am sure I was there. There is no doubt at all. There are doubts about what I saw, heard or even smelt.

>I project myself in the future and I vaguely make up scenes where I shall be including my death. All such images or imaginations are for concocted but I will surely be there.

>What is now is real? No doubt about that. It is here and I can verify with all my senses. What was or will be are just images and hence imagination. Is an image or imagination real?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Surrender: A Poem to Usher in the New Age at 11:11 on 11-11-11

Surrender surrender surrender
Give up the fight
Lay down your arms
Kneel before me.

For I am your master
You are delusion, just an idea
A concept based on unreality
You are not. I am.

You can not hurt me
For you don't even know
Who I am
Where I live and what I can do

I know precisely who you are
Full of hot air
Promises you can not deliver
Prisoner of time ticking away.

Some one misguided you
Many led you astray and told you
You are the almighty dollar
The pleasure, greed and fear.

That you have a hold over me
That you are my god, my creator
My love and my passion
That if I pray you will be mine.

You had me fooled for sometime
Cross-legged deep breathing
Flat on the ground
I have been asking for a miracle.

What nonsense
You are not Buddha Christ
Shiva Or Krishna in avatar
I am all of them and more.

When I say
On namah shivaya
I am not calling the jade lingum
I call me to awaken.

I still love you
For you are my creation
And I promise to be gentle
As I kill you softly with kindness.

Let's not fight any more
The game is over
I too tire of this charade
Just lay down your wits
Give me a hug and surrender. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

You are not a body nor a robot

Honda's ISMO will one day be doing the dishes and getting your pills as we age and as ISMO gets smarter but one thing it can not do is become human. Here is a simple test, how long do you think it will take for you to program your robot not to drink too much, eat too much or smoke? How about the same for you? There is an independent streak within this body and mind that refuses to just follow. That streak has to come to that conclusion all by itself even at the cost of obviously damaging this body. Do you need any further proof that you are not the body?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Treasure Of Information on Healing

Whether you want to be a new age psychotherapist or a qi gong master, these programs look awesome. I am not a healer but I know many of you are so please take a look at these. I will share cost with you if you want to order something.



Believe the fantasies of Kundalini (described below) or not, you can't deny constrictions or freedom in different parts of your body. A simple exercise of sounding esoteric mysterious vowels of Sanskrit will prove the point. We will do that this Saturday and Sunday followed by a guided meditation to shine your chakras. Results could be magnificent.

At FLOWGA Headquarters in Okaville...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kundalini Fantacised

For thousands of years, yogis have talked of Kundalini energy coursing through your body. It has been adapted by nearly all esoteric groups with names like QI, Ki, Reiki. How does it work and why can't our instruments pick it up?

Here is my speculation. Our body is a conductor (if you don't believe me stick your finger in socket. Just kidding, Don't). The center of the body is a spine which is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of nerve wiring which carry electrical currents to do all kinds of bodily and mental functions like lifting your finger to giving a kiss. Now we know when we send current around a coil circling a conductor, it develops a strong field. If the central rod is iron, you get magnetism, if  the central rod is your spine, you get Kundalini.

Speculate further and you can see if your love life is in tatters, it may be blocking the currents through some of those central nerves and manifest itself in blockages at certain points called chakras.

I will find a good sounder of what charkras are, and  where and what they do to your persona later on. Stay tuned.

What is Death?

It is relief sought by the divine stuck in a mortal body which is a lot of fun until it starts to get old or sick with pain and degeneration. Finally you, the divine decide to give up and depart looking for other ways of fulfilling your dream of ultimate communication.

Of course, you carry on for decades with pain and suffering because of love and hope that tomorrow will bring  more pleasant environs. I watched my father die of cancer in pain. he too was hopeful right to the end that perhaps there will be some relief around the corner. But at 87, time wins, hope and love loses.

How do you avoid this painful end? Why by making it happen now? Nisargdatta Maharaj says death of the mind  will eliminate the suffering and the eventual pain at the end. Do it now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Demystifying Meditation Now

Whether you are a witch, a pundit or a marshal arts master; a guru, a lightworker or a shadow; a shaman, a ghost hunter or an enlightened being, one thing is common among all. The primary tool for getting there is meditation.
The 1% have always tried to control the world, even meditation making it a mysterious art form shrouded in secrecy. How else can you make money?
I am here to tell you that OZ is a tiny little entity with no teeth and kind of a pleasant disposition. Come and get to know your only true friend, Meditation and become whatever it is you want to be. Rest of the stuff is just stuff and fluff.

By the way, the price is absolutely right, IT'S FREE.
(A food item or clothing for donation to Safetynet-Children and Youth Charities, would be greatly appreciated)
200-1158 Winston Churchill BlvdOakville




Sunday, October 30, 2011


Agenda for 30 October 2011:


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Byron Katie

She developed these four questions to help you frame your suffering and a process to follow;

Pick a stressful concept about someone (alive or dead) whom you haven't forgiven 100 percent.
(For example, “He doesn’t care about me” or “I did it wrong.”) Then question the concept in writing, using the following questions and turnarounds. When answering the questions, close your eyes, be still, and go deeply as you contemplate. Inquiry stops working the moment you stop answering the questions.

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3.  How do you react, what  happens, when you believe that thought?

a) What emotions happen when you believe that thought? (Depression, anxiety, etc. If needed, an Emotions and Reactions List is available on www.thework.com.)
b) Does that thought bring peace or stress into your life?
c) What images do you see, past and future, when you believe that thought?
d) What addictions/obsessions begin to manifest when you believe that thought? (Alcohol, credit cards, food, the TV remote?)
e) Describe the physical sensations that happen when you believe that thought.
f) How do you treat that person and others when you believe that thought?
g) How do you treat yourself when you believe that thought.

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Close your eyes, and observe, contemplate. Who or what are you without that thought?

Finally you do a turnaround of the thought and then ask

5. Is the turnaround true or truer?

Lots of details here...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading "gazing into the eternal" by Beelzebub.

We have a choice. Accept the body and mind with fears, anger, hate and love (even though I think of love in another group altogether but I would lump it here as most commonly known love", and accept birth and death which ends it all. Or don't?

If things are going well for you or more accurately the delusions are overpoweringly convincing you that this impermanent state will persist, You could wait until the end to make this crucial decision. From where I sit, it doesn't take much thinking to chose the path that says this is false and that there is more.

What if that is true? Wouldn't you like to know? What do you have to lose, your life? You would lose it anyway....

How to get that feeling that your choice may actually be correct that your material happiness is impermanent.

Beelzebub says experiment this. Go to a place you were at ten or twenty years ago. Place has changed, your body and mind has changed but that which is telling you this has not. Is that right? Dig deep to believe this. Your life or death depends on this....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So, with Skype you can't physically go far but can attend far way meetings. This afternoon I talked to a very nice group of Astral travelers in U.K. Awesome! You can join in as well. They are called "esoteric wisdom" on Skype. Also there are some free ebooks for download like "gazing into the eternal" at belzebuub.com, a yogi totally devoted to astral travel.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Recently I was watching a TVO (Ontario version of PBS) special on
Buddha and his life. After enlightenment and delivering a series of
sermons, his fame reached the ears of a local king of Rajgir. He
donated some land and a bamboo orchard to the monk which became
Buddhas home for the rest of his days. When he was not traveling the
globe, he would frequently return to Rajgir and often spend
considerable time meditating in a cave still maintained  on this
ashram. In addition to a deep interest in visiting this cave next time
I am in the vicinity which is not very far from my ancestor's farm, I
was intrigued by what meditation did this all time great leader,
perhaps the inventor of modern day mediation do after accomplishing
everything  possible through meditation?

I have asked this question to some of my friends and gurus who are
obviously enlightened. What if any meditation do they do now? Answers
have been generally "none" to "that once you have seen the truth, all
of life becomes meditation". So what was Buddha upto in this cave?

Upon meditating on this question and having some forty years of
meditation experience myself, I think I have a reasonable hypothesis
as to Buddha's activities in that cave. This is of course based on my
experience and speculation.

Not all meditation is the same. The act may be similar but objectives
determine what meditation you need to do. This is quite critical as I
found out that wrong objectives end up producing wrong results. Not
surprising since all of this is still conducted by the mind and that
instrument is notorious for delivering what you ardently desire. So,
if you have been meditating on the laws of attraction  expecting
nirvana to grace your soul, you could be waiting a long time. Most
meditators in fact have been waiting.

Hindu children go through a thread ceremony which is akin to a coming
of age event. During this process, one is blessed with a mantra,
commonly the gayatri and takes a vow to recite this in meditation for
ten to twenty minutes each day for the rest of one's life. I did this
in earnest for nearly forty years. I do believe meditation was
beneficial to me while I completed my academic studies as well as
employment but was entirely unhelpful in producing what I was really
looking for. What anynone is looking for, happiness! This prompted me
to abandon meditation and led me to searching other avenues including
my introduction to spiritual guides including Buddha, Krishnamurti and
Richard Rose.

To my surprise, most masters also recommended meditation, leading me
to great deal of confusion as to what meditation should I be doing but
was not. The meditation of Krishnamurti or the effortless meditation
in TM were quite different from the ones prescribed by  the Hindu
priests. Theirs was more of a prayer to the divine in the form of
deities while masters like  Buddha taught vipassana, a process of
simply watching your body and breath. Many of Tibetan practice of
Buddhism seems similar to Hindu worship than vipassana. Reverence to
statues, objects and scripture is far more religious than

Then there is advaita and new age movement that is sweeping the world.
I attended a two week intensive with the gurus and guides at the
oneness university in chennai. Their form of meditation turned out to
be yet another kind. The central focus there and at many similar
ashrams is to enhance vital energy. This is called Kundalini by the
Indians, qi by the Chinese, and ki by the Japanese. So how do you
build this energy within yourself? Why, mediation of course.

This enormous field of mind,  body, consciousness and soul connection
through an act that looks similar but is quite different, that is the
act of meditation. Meditation being a physical act althugh mimicking
something different is still controlled and influenced by the mind and
body complex we have evolved into. Like nearly every act mind
performs, the biggest influencer turns out to be intent. I personally
have come into contact with three types of meditation so far. There
may be more but arguably would fall into one of these three.

What I personally started doing initially was Practical Meditation, a
discipline designed by our ancestors for physical and material
success. Even though it is fully steeped in Vedas, religion and
philosophy, the intent simply is to make sure my brain functioned
optimally to do life.  And it was very successful as a tool to help me
accomplish physical and mental tasks. Most often, the spiritual intent
is absent in practical meditation hence no such success is achieved. I
was still an unhappy and unfulfilled person even though materially

The second type of meditation I stumbled on to was the result of an
intent to find a solution to this anhedonic feeling; finding no peace
nor happiness. The internal cry of "there has to be something more to
life than just this" kept pushing me to look. This "Analytical
Meditation"  kept Buddha returning to his cave in Rajgir, recharge and
come up with solutions to myriad of questions he faced over the years.
Buddha was a genius with an unparalleled insight into the human

Finally,  a third type of mediation is often called "shaktipat  or
energy meditation". This is what Richard Rose referred to as
betweenness and was used by masters to perform miracles, like Jesus
turning water into wine, yogis walking on water and the mundane
deeksha process practiced by the oneness crowd in Chennai.  Reiki and
Qi Gong are also energy meditation.

Personally I no longer do practical meditatioon as I find very little
in the material world of desire to strive for. I am however very
grateful to my guru who introduced me to this while I was trying to
make a living. I would still recommend it, particularly to younger
yogis. My practice today combines the analytical and energy
meditation. Analytical because if Buddha did this even long after
becoming the model of enlightenment, who am I to question this
practice. I suppose this will continue for life. Finally I am very
attracted to shaktipat perhaps this is yet another form of desire. But
I am not ging to question what is obviously the most blissful of all
meditation practices I have tried.

There  are many other types of meditation  like astral projection,
concentration, hatha yoga and kundalini.  I have tried a few of these
but they are merely different techniques used to deliver practical,
analytical or shaktipat results.

By Sunil Vidyarthi

Fear of death

Some suggest that all suffering results from this underlying fear, reaction to even a stubbed toe is manifestation of fear of death albeit...