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Agenda for 30 October 2011:

 Meditation under solfeggio tunesConflict resolution; Buddha's method down or bottom up?Deeksha

Byron Katie

She developed these four questions to help you frame your suffering and a process to follow;

Pick a stressful concept about someone (alive or dead) whom you haven't forgiven 100 percent.
(For example, “He doesn’t care about me” or “I did it wrong.”) Then question the concept in writing, using the following questions and turnarounds. When answering the questions, close your eyes, be still, and go deeply as you contemplate. Inquiry stops working the moment you stop answering the questions.

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3.  How do you react, what  happens, when you believe that thought?

a) What emotions happen when you believe that thought? (Depression, anxiety, etc. If needed, an Emotions and Reactions List is available on
b) Does that thought bring peace or stress into your life?
c) What images do you see, past and future, when you believe that thought?
d) What addictions/obsessions begin to manifest when you believe that thought? (Alco…

Reading "gazing into the eternal" by Beelzebub.

We have a choice. Accept the body and mind with fears, anger, hate and love (even though I think of love in another group altogether but I would lump it here as most commonly known love", and accept birth and death which ends it all. Or don't?

If things are going well for you or more accurately the delusions are overpoweringly convincing you that this impermanent state will persist, You could wait until the end to make this crucial decision. From where I sit, it doesn't take much thinking to chose the path that says this is false and that there is more.

What if that is true? Wouldn't you like to know? What do you have to lose, your life? You would lose it anyway....

How to get that feeling that your choice may actually be correct that your material happiness is impermanent.

Beelzebub says experiment this. Go to a place you were at ten or twenty years ago. Place has changed, your body and mind has changed but that which is telling you this has not. Is that right? Dig d…


So, with Skype you can't physically go far but can attend far way meetings. This afternoon I talked to a very nice group of Astral travelers in U.K. Awesome! You can join in as well. They are called "esoteric wisdom" on Skype. Also there are some free ebooks for download like "gazing into the eternal" at, a yogi totally devoted to astral travel.


Recently I was watching a TVO (Ontario version of PBS) special on
Buddha and his life. After enlightenment and delivering a series of
sermons, his fame reached the ears of a local king of Rajgir. He
donated some land and a bamboo orchard to the monk which became
Buddhas home for the rest of his days. When he was not traveling the
globe, he would frequently return to Rajgir and often spend
considerable time meditating in a cave still maintained  on this
ashram. In addition to a deep interest in visiting this cave next time
I am in the vicinity which is not very far from my ancestor's farm, I
was intrigued by what meditation did this all time great leader,
perhaps the inventor of modern day mediation do after accomplishing
everything  possible through meditation?

I have asked this question to some of my friends and gurus who are
obviously enlightened. What if any meditation do they do now? Answers
have been generally "none" to "that once you have seen the truth, all