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It is to know, live and be the miracle of experience.

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And Feelings.

A New Year Resolution to Keep

Meditation Work Shop
Beginning 19 January 2014 Sundays at 6pm Be Yoga Be, Burlington

Attend this six week meditation workshop to experience first hand some of the most exotic and energetic meditation with some one who has beenpracticing it for fifty years.
Meditation practices are common to most societies, cultures and religions and each has its own strength. It is important that you follow a modality that resonates with your body, your background, your emotional state and where your fitness level today.
The only way to know what is right for you is to experience many with someone who has been on a similar quest and feel the effect in your heart and soul.
Week One and Two; Falun Dofa:
This is a secret Chinese method of harnessing Qi energy through standing and sit down meditation lasting about an hour ending with serene relaxation. Background Chinese flute makes this especially resonant for all.

Week Two and Three; Shaktipat Oneness

Building on the Qi Gong practice, this is a meditation of the …