What is Oneness?

This is an age old question that one of my friends just asked me. I couldn't convince her that this is not a cult nor are they charlatans. We have been taken in so many times by the MBA's (my euphemism for all that is being sold to you by marketers) that is is impossible to tell the truth from a lie. I don't blame her nor you for being a skeptic. So am I.

But I do see things differently when it comes to spiritual matters. I follow what Buddha said thousands of years ago. Only follow what you can personally test it to be true. So what I have found to be true is that nothing is real, not Oneness nor Jesus nor Buddha. Only I am real. But all these peoples and things are manifestations which make it easy for me to crystallize my imaginations. Let's say I have within my imagination the White House but my human senses can only really see it if I can see a picture, a movie or the House itself. When I do see it I go, aha, that is it.

Oneness or Amma Bhagwan or Buddha are no different. With Oneness when I see the lovers of Oneness, I feel it and when I do, I know what it is. If you don't, try something else until you do feel it. It is all within you already. All you need is what a scientist calls "biological synchronisation" and you will know for sure. If you don't feel it, it is still okay. Just hold on to the idea that you are it, sooner or later you will.


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