Just Disappear

Why not just disappear?

Take a look, a close look
Are you really needed in whatever
That fills your day, good and bad
That makes you happy and sad?

It's not a magic trick
You disappear every day
When you lay down to sleep
When you are engrossed in tv.

Are you there when you fall in love
With a person, an object or an idea?
Are you there when you are
passionately angry or happy?

Why bother showing up
When all you find is suffering
With an occasional smattering
Of relief.

Just disappear into the space
always there when you close your eyes
Beckoning you to spend time
In solitude, reverie and meditation.

Just disappear into a place
So familiar it feels home.
So vast, there is no end
Nor beginning, just calm.

Disappear to whatever aches you
To unwanted arguments,
Useless future plans
Or past hangovers.

Disappear into the background
Like a tree, the cloud and the earth.
Just being there to serve all
That deserve your molecules.


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