Surrender to the teaching

This Friday is guru poornima, the full moon of midsummer celebrated by aspirants, seekers and pure souls for thousands of years. Some lucky souls have the necessary devotion and access to a physical form of  a teacher, to whom they can surrender. As Mooji says, guru is a garbage collector, to whom you dump all that's not necessary in your life. It turns out there is not much that you need to keep. Complete surrender is nirvana.

It is however not necessary to have a physical teacher in a human form to whom you download all in a surrender. Dattatreya found twenty four teachers in various forms none of whom wore long robes and beards but were available to teach everywhere he looked.

My most memorable teachers and teachings start with TAT, started by Richard Rose in West Virginia. The name TAT in itself captures the essence, truth and transmission. It doesn't matter which way you follow, finding the two is essential ; true knowledge accepted by the mind and transmission of this truth to your body. This annihilates the attachment to the illusion of life.

Rose and his students taught me the need to observe. Late dear Clara Llum assured me that all paths lead to the truth. Mooji showed me that it was quite simple to see the unseeable. And jivanmukti has made this physically manifested.

To each, I say ommmm in silence.

If you can't attend our session at be yoga be in Burlington thi Friday. Sit in peace around 7 pm and contemplate the teachings that have opened your eyes. For each bow down in gratitude uttering Om in your heart. May the fog lift for you.


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