Courage comes from knowing you are indestructible!

Fear of any kind; physical or psychological arises from the assumption that you and yours can be destroyed, meaning death of the body, the mind or something you may be possessive about.

Fear is an illusion.

If you believe yourself to be a body (which is an error but that discussion for another day), then you know that this body is made of matter. And you also know that matter is not destroyed  it only changes its form. From organic cellular material to basic elements, gases and water which will be recycled into plants, rocks, environment or even another body. Matter is indestructible in its most fundamental state.

If you believe yourself to be a mind (that too is an error to be discussed another day), then you know that mind is a bunch of thoughts strewn together by the body into a coherent or incoherent idea or concept. If these ideas or concepts lead to some creation such as an object or a change you implement, then the mind also changes into another state. Which could go another transformation but never destroyed. Mind is also indestructible in its most fundamental state.

You may believe yourself to be an illusion, a nonentity, a soul or emptiness. And that illusion is destructible.  But once the illusion of yourself is destroyed, so is fear as that is also part of the illusion of you.


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